We would recommend both, but the rental side of the business has greater income and profit margin potential.
Our minimum investment levels are staggered yearly to help you build the franchise gradually into a larger and more profitable operation. We ask for a minimum order in year one of a single container of equipment. This equates to just under £60,000*.

*This figure is based on the recommended component supply, however this sum could be increased or reduced on the product component mix.

Your only obligation is for the purchase of one container in year one and this should generate income of around £67,874 based on an achievable stock rental usage of 75% with an average of only 39 weeks rental period per annum.  Of course greater income levels would be achieved if you could rent the equipment over a longer period with a greater stock usage.
Our products are extremely robust, the galvanised and powder painted finish Guard Barriers are guaranteed for 5 years and the remaining components will exceed 10 years with correct usage and regular maintenance.
Yes. We recommend our franchise is used to supplement an existing sales offering in the construction industry. Our franchise would be an excellent way to boost your business income levels and increase your product portfolio.
Where can I find out more about the financial details of the franchise?
We have an internal document detailing cash flow forecasts and investment outlay that we share with vetted and interested parties. Email us for more information on info@kguard.co.uk.
Yes. We operate a price band mechanism for this purpose and our franchisees will benefit by operating the same pricing structure as we do.
Our franchise pricing structure is fixed across the board, meaning this situation will never arise.
As we’ve pointed out previously the KGUARD system is very robust and there are minimal loose parts that could get damaged, however we would recommend a small supply of such items should be carried in stock for general maintenance and any further replacement parts could be delivered within 3-4 days.